Our House Looks Amazing with New Shutters

When I told my husband that I was going to get some window shutters made to put in our house, he was not on board at first. He thought that it would be cheaper if we just went to a local home store and purchased them rather than have them custom made for us. I had to explain that not all window treatments are made equal, and I showed him some comparison photos I had found online. When he saw the difference in the way the room looked with custom shutters as opposed to ones just purchased as is, he was completely on board.

This is where it got interesting for us. I thought that I would use a local contractor, but my husband was not having any part of that. He had taken quite the interest in making sure that we got the absolute best, mainly because he saw the difference that a room can look if an inferior product is used. He finally determined that he wanted Orange County Shutters to make our window treatments. I did not mind this at all but for one fact. I discovered that the contractor I wanted to hire would have them made within just a couple of weeks whereas it was going to take a whole lot longer for this company to make our window treatments.

A very dear, sweet and intelligent man, also known as my husband, is the one who made me see reason with this. He explained that OCS is the type of company who will take longer because they have the highest standards possible. They do not cut any corners whatsoever in the design of their products, and the evidence is seen just by looking at their website. They are the ones we went with, and my husband definitely made the right choice. Our house looks amazing with our new shutters!